PrayBox+ Premium Plugin


PrayBox+ is a full-featured WordPress plugin that adds prayer request management features to your WordPress website!
Plugin Features:
– Manage Prayer Requests
– Premium PB+ Support, Lifetime License and Updates
– Administrator Moderation
– Display Praise Reports
– Premium PB+ Features


Manage Prayer Requests
Using PrayBox+ on your church or ministry’s website allows you to easily receive, manage, and display prayer requests by adding just a few shortcodes to a few of your website’s pages.

Premium PB+ Support
When you purchase a license for PrayBox+, you have access to our premium support service. If our documentation and FAQs don’t answer your questions, we will do what we can to help you.

Administrator Moderation
As the developer of an application used on church and ministry websites, Blazing Torch has included administrator moderation tools to help safeguard against the harmful impact of malicious request submissions.

Display Praise Reports
It’s always encouraging to see how prayer has resulted in blessings in others’ lives. Display user-submitted Praise Reports to provide encouragement and testify to the power and influence of prayer.

Premium PB+ Features:
Display User Praise Reports
Administrator Moderation of Prayer Requests
Turing Question for SPAM Mitigation
Easily Manage Active, Flagged, Closed, and Archived Prayer Requests
Daily Email Updates for Requestors
New Prayer Request Notifications for Administrators
Customizable Prayer Request Management
Simple and Effective Shortcodes
Administrators Can Easily Ban Unwanted IPs
SMS Notification (using Twilio API)
Captcha Spam Prevention