Why Charge for PrayBox+?

When we began the development of PrayBox, we set out to meet an obvious need for ministry-related WordPress plugins. The only plugins available that could be used for submitting prayer requests were contact forms or modified versions of other plugins. These solutions were cumbersome, time consuming, and usually broken.

Throughout the initial development of PrayBox, we spent over 100 hours and, operating on a donation-only basis, after over 700 plugin downloads, had 2 people donate a total of $25. We are VERY grateful for the donations, and feel so blessed that ANYONE felt led to donate to us. The reality is, though, that we have to pay our bills, and we feel that this tool, as well as others we would like to develop, deserves much more time than the hurried hours we had been able to put in.

Through research, prayer, and counsel, we decided to release a more feature-packed version of PrayBox and include more customized support and release it as a premium, paid plugin, while keeping our original concept free. This has allowed us to keep the tool available to various ministry sites, while helping us develop even more features into this, and other tools we feel led to create.

Thank you for your support.

The PrayBox Team

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