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prayer for my brother ChuckSubmitted By: Anonymous
Please pray for my brother Chuck. He's in severe pain and went to the hospital last night. They are scheduling for his gall bladder to be removed. He is not employed and neither is his wife Diane. If you could please keep Chuck, Diane and their daughter Sophia and Sunny in prayer I would really appreciate it.My brother is doing well as he has healed nicely from this surgery. Thank you for all of the prayers!
HealingSubmitted By: Anonymous
Having eye surgery needs healing - please also pray for friend Jan has just hurt her back - please pray healing of back & skin irritation & pray for miracle breakthrough in finances so business does not have to go bankrupt. Note this sister does tithe & faithfully bless others so in need of a breakthrough miracle. Thank YouThank You for praying surgery succesful. Jan also healed & had small breakthrough still believing for total miracle so does not have to declare bankruptsy. God is faithful Amen
dying of AIDSSubmitted By: Joyce Jacobsen
A friend's son, 47 years old, who as a child professed Christ, is now dying of AIDS and refusing to let anyone come pray with him. The mother is asking Jesus to speak with him and soften his heart.The morning of his death, he said he did not want morphine and asked his sister to call his mom to come. The mother sat at her son's bedside and during his last hours, he received forgiveness for his sins and turned back to Christ. She is a dedicated Christian and says that she is rejoicing in God. God had told her 6 months ago that "nothing is impossible for God". This has also been a testimony to his twin and a lesbian friend that was present at his bed side. The mother and I thank you for the prayers on her son's behalf.
Healing for Edward and BobSubmitted By: Cathy Cornett
Edward Harris (58) had a massive stroke and is on life support - we are speaking healing and restoration over him.
Bob has battled brain cancer for about 3 years - doctors said he should be dead, he's determined to beat it. Current tumor is on the brain stem and inoperable, now affecting his motor skills on his left side. Wife doesn't want him back home, he's in a nursing home - in his 50's. Healing and restoration needed. Both men are believers.
Both have moved to Heaven!
Prayers for Healing and restored healthSubmitted By: Anonymous
I have a serious back condition as well as fibromyalgia and sciatica. I have been in pain and restricted physically for over a year. Please ask our wonderful Lord and Savior for Healing. thank you.The prayers have helped tremendously, my pain is reduced and finally able to rebuild some strength and stamina. Thank you so much, you are wonderful.
Miraculous Total Healing for Kelsie!Submitted By: Anonymous
Please Blessed Jesus, I pray for a miracle healing for your daughter Kelsie Lee. She has suffered through 3 bouts of breast cancer and is now in hospice. I know Jesus it's still not too late for you to touch her and heal her fully here and now. I stand in total faith for her healing and I give you praise and thanks for healing her and restoring her to health and life through Your Precious Blood I pray. AMEN and AMEN!

Kelsie passed away a few days ago. We thank all who prayed for her. She is no longer suffering and we are eternally thankful to Our Lord!
University OffersSubmitted By: Aagi Jacob
Please pray for me so i can get an offer from one of my chosen universities. Thankyou so much i received three offers from which one of the offers being my first choice. May God Bless You