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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Simple Request Anonymous007-30-2014
Please pray for my loyal friend, Rebecca. She's had breast cancer, and is going through a tough time in depression, due to the loss of her Mother.The lass is afraid of getting cancer again aswell. May guidance be granted upon her. Love and Light x
God Loves you
College :( lifePauline Louisse Sotta107-29-2014
Good day. Please kindly Pray for me to do my best in everything I do in college related works. Please Pray that Papa God will Bless me with the sufficient knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment of mind, quickness of mind to grasp ideas quickly, a retentive memory always. Please Pray that ill be able to balance and manage my time wisely. Please Pray that all people will be safer, healthier , will be stronger to face life's challenges, and will be closer to Papa God. Please Pray for world peace. Please Pray that my best friend will forgive me. May God bless all of you! Always say a Prayer and don't forget to Pray everytime.
Wisdom and Guidance from GodEdmund Krzeminski407-25-2014
Please pray for wisdom and guidance
from God to solve my problems in my work.
It is very serious problem.
My boss attacks me all the time.
Thank you.
Edmund Krzeminski
Deliverance for MaylingAngel Justiniano307-24-2014
I ask you to pray right now for my girlfriend Mayling that I believe to oppressed or possessed by the devil. She has told me for several weeks that she has not been herself. I can see in her eyes that she is no longer Mayling. Yesterday she spoke to me in 3rd person saying that May is no longer there and that "he" lives there. I am scared but I know that God will free her. Please pray with intensity. Pray for her liberation because things are not looking good.
in urgent need of prayernicole smith107-23-2014
I have been living a living nightmare day in and day out. its like a cycle that never ends. may you please pray me for me that this nightmare will come to an end and that this negative cycle that has been occurring in my life will come to a permanent end please. Thank you.
I’m In Need of Prayer.TONY Jenkins207-23-2014
( Urgent )Life has been pure hell for me … in addition to being in pain half of the day. What I’m asking prayer for is - Please pray with me so I can get my prayer answered or that a constructive door / window gets open now ASAP. Thank you for praying for me. Tony
Healing And BreakthroughAnonymous207-20-2014
O LORD God, please give me The Power Of Speech and take away stammering and stuttering from me, and give me permanent financial breakthroughs, all to Your Glory In Christ Jesus, Amen!
i am lost please helpkaren phillips007-19-2014
Please show me the way,a sign i don't know what to do if i should stay or let go of this relationship.please god help me cause i do love him a lot and its really impossible to think of not having him in my life but you know and can see everything i cant deal with all these arguments, threats,mistrust issues ,verbal and physical abuse anymore. please help me get my life back on track and give me the strength to accept your will
REally in a very bad situationvasu devan407-17-2014
over last few days i have been in a very tough situation everybody in my family facing their own problem and not even single problem solved but additionally more and more problems are arising we are not wealthy background to solve our problems i pray to god to solve it bcus i dont have anyother way............