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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Hormone ImbalanceAnonymous309-27-2014
I have been battling a hormone imbalance for the past year and a half, and my gums have swollen up as a result. I\\\'m concerned for my health and I know that the power of prayer does miracles, and I have faith that my gums will be healed. Please pray for me, thank you so much and God bless!
My Poor DogAnonymous609-26-2014
Well, something is wrong with my dog's leg. She has been limping a lot... :( We took her to the vet this morning and they said they aren't sure what it was. They gave us antibiotics and stuff like that. And they said that if it didn't work, then our dog probably has bone cancer... :( I am so worried and upset about her... I hope that she does not have bone cancer, because I really don't want to lose her... I love her too much. Please, I hope that you will pray for her... Maybe if we all join together and give her our prayers, God will answer them...
Pray for my sister to do the right thingAnonymous509-26-2014
I pray for my sister Gaby to do the right thing. I pray that she strays away from false friendships and malicious people. I pray for her good health and good academics. I ask she guided to be the best she can be.
p;ease pray for meAnonymous509-24-2014
I have way too much on my plate right now and having so much trouble dealing with them. I tried my hardest but nothing seems to work. I need some serious financial and spiritual blessings
I want to start off by repenting for my sins to God and Jesus. I am Andrea Johnson and the man I love is Justin Hardy. I have been in love with one person in my life and prayed for him for 6 years. I love him dearly and unconditionally. I want to live righteously and whole. I am praying that God releases him from his strong holds and whatever blocks him from his blessings. I am praying for encouragement and motivation and peace and joy for him. I have done a lot for him and really been here for him. I am praying for wholeness and marriage with this man. I have prayed long and hard and I feel I have gotten signs that this is where I am supposed to be. I am really to release this all to God and trust completely. I pray him for deliverance. I don’t want to worry any more. I know this is the man for me and I claim all my blessings. I have worried so long but no more. I am asking for all the assistance in prayer I can receive because this is dear to heart and I am ready to live my life to the fullness. I pray for deliverance and peace for him and for him to visible see what is in his face and what he has and how special and important he is to me. I am praying that all doubt is removed from both our hearts and minds and our souls are lead to each other in the name of Jesus.
I am being divorced by my wife of 22 years. 3 children who do not communicate with me anymore. My eldest son is a chronic drug addict. On the verge of bankruptcy. Now living outside my home in a 1 room rental. Major depression and losing my grip on reality.
Restoration, relief and interventionKyndra Kacalek409-18-2014
Things are still rough and not much has changed since I have asked for prayer and been praying non stop. My son is still struggling and still on/off in the drug scene. I don't know how to get things to change for him. I have him in counseling, he has no privilages. I am praying for big time intervention and for him to know he is loved and doesn't need to mess with that stuff. He is a very bright and loving young man. I want the best for him. It breaks my heart to see him going through this. I pray for restoration of good things in his life immediately.
My relationship with Ryan is still a struggle. I don't know how to pray for or about it right now. I do pray for fear to be removed from him. I pray for him to have a healed heart. I pray for restoration for our relationship. I am struggling with not know what my future holds with all of this. It is so hard and I am extremely worn out. I pray for immediate intervention from God. I know he can move mountains I know he can still perform miracles.
Please join me in prayer for life to improve and God to intervene immediately. Thank you.
financial problemsSandhy curpen609-16-2014
Am sandhy a widow of 49 years old. I lost my job recently. My dad 88 is under my responsibility. Am desperate as am I am in financial problems. I have debts and need to find a job soon to honour my responsibilities. Do pray for me please. May God bless you abundantly
acadsPauline Louisse Sotta109-16-2014
Please kindly Pray for me to pass all my subjects this semester and my preliminary and final examinations and to understand my lessons well. God bless us all