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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
PoppopSabrina Rae311-22-2014
My Poppop (grandpa) is going into Surgery on Tuesday. He is getting his rips broken to get cancer out of his lungs. Many years ago, he almost lose his life due to his kidney failed, he soon lost one of his kidneys. Now adding something even worse to his surgery, his only kidney is failing. Please pray for his life, I really need him to stay. He is 1/2 of the only men in my life that I truly love. My father passed when I was five and he has been the man in my life. Thank you so much
Dearin and LelandT L Jones311-18-2014
Pls pray for my family to be reunited this Thanksgiving holiday season. Please pray that my husband Dearin will have a heart of compassion and forgiveness for our son Leland. Pls pray that Dearin will reach out to Leland and invite him back home, help him seek employment and return his truck to him so that Leland can seek employment. Pls pray that Dearin will let go of past hurt and disappointment and will look to God and step up as a Courageous Father and Husband and spiritual leader of our family. Let no weapon formed against our family prosper. Praying that Dearin will contact Leland today and reconcile their father and son relationship in a positive manner. In Jesus name, Amen
Father, I ask that you would let Mark encounter you and be saved. In Jesus name, amen
My husband has been out of a job for over 2 months and we are running low on funds. Please pray for the Lord to open the door for a job that will be far beyond his expectations. Pray also for job stability & that God would pour out blessings that we would be able to bless others as well. Thank you!
Please God if it be in your will then spread excitement, solutions, encouragement, wisdom, positive progress across the world. Also God if it be in your will then provide instant healing and happiness for Nicholas Blankenship of Tampa. In Jesus Christ Name I pray and say Thank you Amen.
Healing for my backPatty Kennedy311-12-2014
I need prayer for my back, I messed it up not sure how, but when I bend over & raise back up, my legs feel heavy, places on my back are numb &

I have panic attacks, & at night when trying to sleep I lose my breathing.

could you please say a prayer for me.

thank you & God Bless
Pray for healing of visionAnonymous411-12-2014
I have lost vision in an eye and, after surgery, have had little vision restored. Please pray for continued restoration so that it is possible to resume God's work. He is the great physician and only through His wisdom can we see the meaning of this life. Amen and Bless You for praying for me.
Troubling UncertaintiesElizabeth Hyde411-11-2014
Please pray for communication to be restored between me and my boyfriend, Brian. I have not been able to get ahold of him in over a week. The last time we spoke, he told me that his sister hated me for no apparent reason, and that he had a large overdue phone bill. These combined obstacles are sabotaging our communication, and it's been very heartbreaking and troubling. I'm not even sure exactly what's going on or why he hasn't contacted me. Please pray that God will give me strength of faith and hope to trust and believe that this situation will be resolved, and that God will have victory over all obstacles between me and my communication with Brian.