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Please pray for Samuel to be saved and to know the truth that can set him free. He is 15 and is doubting God and has much unforgiveness. thank you
Jesus help me!Anonymous009-02-2014
Please pray for me , Im 21 , I live with my grandparents. Sometimes I just wanna give up. I wanna go and tell others about Jesus . I wanna preach the gospel. Ima sinner and im no were near perfect. I wanna make God proud. I wanna make it to heaven. Pray that I put God first in my life always. Thank you!
My FamilyAnonymous109-01-2014
Dear God,

I know that I am an extremely blessed person. I live a life without fear of hunger and death, and, at the same time, am fortunate enough to live a life beyond necessities.

I pray for my family. Many people know me as a nice and good person, but it's hard to keep my patience around my family. We argue, fight, and are not ideal. Even when I try to avoid communication to avoid an argument, hate finds its way. Please, if you are willing, I pray for ALL families who suffer from unnecessary confrontation and arguments. Personally, I know what its like to have a brother who doesn't cope with emotions well and a mother who frequently insults but never compliments. I wish that no one can feel this pain.
MateJesse Hernandez309-01-2014
\"Almighty God, hear this prayer. \"Almighty God, hear this relationship prayer. As You are first in my heavenly heart and mind and spirit, so do I desire a companion for my earthly heart and mind and being. Guide me to the partner You know is perfect for me. Help me walk in faith until that time of our first meeting. Show me how I can become a partner worthy of love. Then guide me through every stage of our relationship, so that, as we move ever closer to You, we grow closer to each other in Love, in Joy, and in Faith. Thank You God, for hearing my prayer.Amen!
restoration of marriage of anne and carlosanne dsz508-27-2014
I pray that my husband Carlos comes back to me anne and our family soon, that he calls me to work things out, realizes all the good I did for him through the years, I pray for restoration in our marriage, I pray that he breaks off with Marcella immediately, sends her to Columbia to her children and man there, she does not get pregnant by him, I pray that Carlos calls me anne soon and comes home to me anne and our family soon
Please keep Tiffany Casillas in prayer for a MIRACLE healing. She was diagnosed with brain cancer. She got a staph infection in her heart & lungs while in the hospital to surgery to have the tumor removed. She was treated at another hospital for the staph infection & almost died! Her lung collapsed while on a breathing machine & she was in a coma like state for over 2 weeks. They discharged her & sent her to a skilled nursing home for 5 weeks to get antibiotic treatment. There she developed a large blood clot under her arm. NOW, they are telling us she could DIE instantly if the clot travels to her heart or lungs! PLEASE pray for a miracle healing for her. She is my daughter & all I have in the world .! I love her so dearly and cannot bear the thought of losing her. She is only 29 years old. Her blood level is at 150 but should be 300. She is on a blood thinner to dissolve the clot , but it does not seem to be doing anything. Her blood is so thick . I know GOD can do ALL PLEASE stand in agreement for this blood clot to dissolve, without causing her any more health problems, Please , she really needs your prayers. She has asked GOD for 20 more years..please agree I prayer for her complete healing and 20 more years to live. Thank you & God bless you all!

college, board examPauline Louisse Sotta408-26-2014
Please kindly Pray for me because we have 3 quizzes today : Solid Mensuration, Chemistry Lab and Theology. Please Pray for my sister too and her batchmates for they are studying for their physician board exam. Please Pray that Papa God will enlighten our mind and Heavenly and Holy BLess us with the knowledge, wisdom, common sense, retentive memory, and a keen sense of understanding that we need. Pls Pray for everyone's safety as well. May God bless all of you! Always say a Prayer and don't forget to Pray every time :)