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college, board exams of my older sisterPauline Louisse Sotta208-21-2014
Please kindly Pray for my sister, Laarni Lou Malonzo sotta and her batchmates for they are about to take their board exams this saturday & sunday (aug 23 & 24, 2014) and the following saturday and sunday. Please Pray that Papa God will enlighten them and Bless them with the knowledge and wisdom they need. Please Pray for me as well to strive harder, to work and study smarter in college. Please Pray for world's peace and nation's leaders. May God bless all of you! Always say a Prayer and don't forget to Pray every time =)
college life academic worldPauline Sotta108-17-2014
Good day everyone! Please kindly Pray for my big sister as she studies for her upcoming board exam for medicine this saturday and sunday and the following weekends as well. please kindly Pray for me and my blockmates as we have our chapter tests in Chemistry tomorrow (August 18, 2014)>p lease Pray that Papa God will Bless us all with the enlightenment of mind and the Knowledge and Wisdom and a retentive memory that we need. Please Pray for the nation's leaders and world Peace. Please Pray for everyon'e good health and safety. Please Pray that we will all be closer to Papa God and have a Deep and Eternal Relationship with Him and us being away from evil and temptation. Please Pray for my friend as well. He's having a hard time reviewing for his exam. May Papa God grant him the patience and understanding. Please Pray that Papa God will strengthen our Faith in Him. May God Bless you all and all of us! Always say a Prayer and don't forget to Pray every time =)
I just put in my 2 weeks at work. I have been unhappy there for a while and I am in need of prayer for clear direction and an open door. I pray that God\'s will be done and that I don\'t lose sight of him despite the chaotic situation that I am in. I need a source of income immediately to pay bills. I am praying for guidance and faith to be put in the right place for me where I can be fruitful, challenged, respected, and somewhere where I can grow.
More beliefEero Vahter108-14-2014
I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grade.
prayers for little onesAnonymous108-13-2014
I special prayer for my little guy that he will book a job he auditioned for. I pray for all good things in this world
college and lifePauline Sotta008-13-2014
Good day. Please kindly Pray for me to survive this semester as well as with my batchmates. Please Pray for me to do my best in my academics and to pass all schoolworks we are doing. Please Pray for everyone's safety and good health and for world peace and the nation's leaders. Please kindly Pray for each and everyone of us to be closer and have a deep relationship with Papa God and keep us all away from harm and evil and temptations. Please kindly Pray for those who are sick that they may be healed and touched by Papa God's Heavenly and Holy Healing Hands. May God Bless you all! Always say a Prayer and don't forget to Pray every time! :)
Pray for my best friend get her choice husband and happiness in Anonymous308-13-2014
Please pray for my friend. Soon she is going to get married and she is having some problems in her life regarding marriage. She is upset these days. please pray for her happiness and peice in her life.Thank You
I need prayers for the ugly mess of divorce, that my husband wants. He filed, then brought up lies/false allegations to justify his wanting out and wanting a new life away from his family. Now it's headed to trial b/c of the lies. It has drained me financially fighting to restore my good name, he has not paid a dime since leaving 1.5 years ago. The slander/defamation is horrific, the allegations so far fetched and ugly it's devastating trying to defend myself against all the lies. He has made my life a living hell, all bc he wants out and wants to be a non-Christian who can do his own thing without regard for others. Please pray for my victory/success in court. I ask for God's mercy & grace on me/my family. Rebuke this evil plan O Lord and restore me & my family. Restore our finances & allow us to rebuild. Forgive us and redeem us, stand up for mine help. Hear my pleas dear Lord. Heal me/my family & give us all we need to clear my good name & be restored in this court matter. Let my truth prevail & let his lies be exposed. I ask for victory in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you and bless you for praying for me, it's a heavy burden as trial is approaching this year, and I'm trying to work, provide for my family, and defend myself without any financial help.