Cacheing and WordPress Plugins

Help! For some reason my plugin hasn’t been updating correctly!

Well my friends, that may very well be the result of using a cacheing plugin on your WordPress website. While it’s true that using a cacheing plugin can help decrease the loading time for your website, it’s only truly helpful if you use it correctly. Let’s take some time to discuss these cacheing plugins and what they can do to your WordPress plugins.

What exactly does cacheing do?

It takes information and stores it so that the website doesn’t have to load that information the next time you view it. This can be a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how it is used.

For instance, if one were to cache his or her javascript, that would be a good thing. The javascript remains static unless changes are deliberately made. However, for more dynamic content (like our PrayBox+ plugin), cacheing can actually prevent your plugins from working properly.

But why?

The cacheing plugin will do exactly what it was made for, storing data so it won’t have to load it again at a later time. Since the information has already been stored, it won’t bother updating it, even when new information comes around.

So cacheing plugins can be helpful to websites with a lot of content, but only when used correctly. Otherwise it may actually inhibit some of the more dynamic plugins’ abilities to function.